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What’s Our Mantra

LIFE is a game and that's a fact! Ironically, we love to watch and play games in   our lives. Since the inception of games, it has been a revolution from playing in streets, grounds to playing in our smart gadgets. But throughout this process of change, one thing has never changed and that's THE THRILL! This inspired us to sow yet another game development lab in the market adding a bit of flavour to the process. Gamers are colossal in the cosmos and giving them what they want is always a trait culminating in the birth of Tecrevolve Labs. Games are always measured based on the experience we undergo and if not we become prejudice. At Tecrevolve will ensure that you entangle the experience.

VR Goggles

Get to Know Us

Tecrevolve Pvt Ltd is a software development company that was founded in September 2018. The company's primary focus is on developing online real-money gaming apps and providing support assistance. Since its inception, Tecrevolve Pvt Ltd has strived to provide high-quality gaming experiences for users around the world.


We offer the latest in gaming technology and provide an unparalleled gaming experience. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect gaming system for your needs, as well as provide support and advice to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. Visit us today to see what Tecrevolve has to offer!


  • 2018 - Launched Our First Product LUDOPE

  • 2019 - Reached 5 Lakhs Customers with team expansion.

  • 2020-  Launched Our Next Updated Game LUDOPE 2

  • 2021- Reached 10 Lakhs trusted Customer Base.

  • 2022- Started New Project CRICKETPE AND LUDOPE 3

Our Flagships




Graphic Designing


Game Designer

Game Development

"Embark on a captivating journey into the world of game development and unlock your creative potential."


Game Design

"Unleash your imagination and shape immersive virtual worlds through the art of game designing."

Game Testing

"Dive into the thrilling realm of game testing, where you uncover hidden bugs and ensure flawless gaming experiences for players."


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Frontend Develpoment
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Backend Development
Game Development
Mobile App Develpoment
Database Management


Easy and Simple Mobile Tools


"Tecrevolve Pvt Ltd in India is an exceptional gaming business. Their commitment to quality and customer service are second to none, and their variety of games is unbeatable. I couldn't recommend them more highly!" 

Arun Kumar , Goa


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